Solar & Semiconductor

Solar & Semiconductor

isostatic graphite for solar and semiconductor industry, it has high density, low ash content and long service life.


The design of graphite heat zone in monocrystallline silicon growing furnace is combined with comprehensive theory of physics, chemistry and geometry. According to years of production and research, we have build our system to manufacutre heat zone for solar and semiconductor industries.

Heat zone is one of the most imporant factor that influence the quality of crytall, the graded distribution of heat zone will decide if monocrystalline silicon could be produced and the quality of it.
The quality of graphite direclty affect service life of heat zone.

Fine structure medium coarse graphite was used to manufacture: protection plate in furnace bottom, insulation shield, top cover and bottom cover.
Isostatic graphite with excellent quality was selected to manufacture: heater, crucible, draft tube, towbar and crucible support.

In order to guarantee strength and purity of heat zone parts, ask content of our material could be purified to under 50ppm or 30ppm.

Our company has more than 10 years cooperation experience with many monocrystalline silicon companies in domestic, has successly developed a quality control system for the manufacture of heat zone in monocrystalline silicon growing furnace.
We believe our rich experience will make a win-win business for our customers in the future.