Graphite crucible, SiC crucible, clay bonded graphite crucible for metal smelting


Graphite Refractory is a kind of excllent carbonaceous refractory that made of graphite or graphite and clay. Sometimes, a little SiC was added to improve its performance.

General ingredients
Graphite: 35 – 50%
Clay: 30 – 40%
Chamotte: 10 – 30%

The graphite refractroy is shaped by stiff-mud process or semidry method, then baked in chamber that filled with carbon powder or reducing atmosphere enviroment after drying, under temperature of 1000 – 1150℃.

The products has high thermal conductivity, high temperature rsistance, do not react with metal melt, low thermal expansion and good resistance to thermal shock.

Mainly applied non-ferrous metal metallurgy.

The graphite refractory could also be used as lining of reaction chamber and pressure pan in chemical industry.

It was also widely used in the making of corrosion resisting heat exchanger and high temperature furnace building.