Mechanical Carbon

Mechanical Carbon

Mechanical carbon used to mafacture bearings, piston ring, vanes, parts of pumps and etc.


Graphite is widely used in mechnical industry and sealing industry due to its unique properties, it has advantages of both metallic material and non-metallc material, like self-lubricant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to process, and etc.

Currently, graphite already become one of the common materials in mechnical manufacturing; which is widely used to manufacture bearings, piston ring, sealing ring, vanes, parts of pumps & values.

The improment of base material, greatly broaden application fields of graphite; the development of after-treatment technology also improve the property of graphite.

In the beginning, property of graphite was improved by impregnating resin, but now it was done by impregnating metal, alloy & inorganic salt.