Isostatic Graphite Casting Rings

Isostatic Graphite Casting Rings

Isostatic graphite casting rings for oil-airslip aluminium billet DC casting


Isostatic Graphite Cast Ring for Oil-airslip Aluminum Billet DC Casting

The graphite cast ring will be settled in the crystallizer, used together with the adapter plate.

It will let the membrane of oil gas formed in the crystallizer chamber diffuses out of the surface and contact with the aluminum liquid which entering the crystallzer chamber, thus effectively ensuring the quality of the aluminum cast rod.

aluminum billet

A qualified grahite ring must have a certain strength, through-hole ratio and uniformity. Therefore, to ensure the quality of ideal graphite ring, the first thing to do is to choose and use graphite material that produced by international famous manufacturer.We imported graphite material from Germany graphite manufacturer SGL, whose quality was proved the best.

Then, the graphite ring will be produced by CNC machining. After that, quality test will be done by professional equipment, and generate rador map for each graphite ring.

rador map for graphite ring

At last, hole sealing treatment will be done to the up and down surface of graphite ring.

Therefore, our isostatic cast ring has the advantages of long service life, uniform density and high physical strength.