Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel

RP, HP and UHP graphite electrode for Iron & Steel industry


Graphite electrodes are used mainly in electric arc furnace steel production.

They are presently the only products available that have the high levels of electrical conductivity and the capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of heat generated in this demanding environment. Graphite electrodes are also used to refine steel in ladle furnaces and in other smelting processes.

In general, carbon is produced by carbonizing mixed coke substances with binding pitch at 1,000°C in a baking furnace. When this carbon is graphitized in an electric furnace at 3,000°C, the amorphous carbon body takes on the structure of crystalline graphite. This is called graphite. Carbon materials are usually pitch impregnated and re-baked to enhance electrical and mechanical properties before graphitization.

Graphite has the features of—
High temperature strength
Good thermal and electrical conductivity
Low thermal expansion
Appropriate machinability

These features make Graphite Electrode the most suitable material to melt scraps, DRI, etc. by arc energy.