Graphite Mould

Graphite Mould

Graphite mould made from high purity graphite, long service life.


Graphite Mould 1
Graphite Mould 2


  1. Graphite mould for diamond tools sintering
  2. All types of segments
  3. Graphite mould for sintering
  4. Graphite mould for pulling copper
  5. Graphite mould for jewelry industry

The mould mainly produced according to customers’ requirement and drawing. High quality graphite is selected to make the mould including Chinese graphite and domestic graphite.

Our professional equipment and experienced workers guarantee the machining precision and quality.

Large Size Graphite Crucible

  1. Large size graphite crucible is produced according to drawing and customer requirement.
  2. Both Chinese graphite material and foreign graphite are used for crucibles.
  3. Anti-oxidation coating available.
  4. Long service life.
  5. Select the most appropriate grade to reduce cost.

Graphite Crucible for Lab

  1. Small graphite crucible for laboratory tests.
  2. High purity graphite is selected to produce the crucible.
  3. Anti-oxidation coating available.
  4. Ash could be purified to 30ppm.
  5. Special size manufactured according to technical drawing.