Graphite Heater

Graphite Heater

High quality isostatic graphite heater, low ash content, long service life.


Graphite Heater 1

Advantages of MTE Graphite Heater

  1. High purity isostatic graphite is selected to manufacture the heater, both domestic and foreign graphite are used, including SGL, Merson, Toyo, Tokai, and etc.
  2. Special size done to drawing.
  3. High machining precision.
  4. Good electric conductivity and high physical strength.
  5. Anti-abrasion, anti-erosion coating available.
  6. Competitive price and short delivery time.


Polycrystalline silicon furnace

Industrial furnace

Quartz crucible and rod production

Optical fiber

And etc.

Note: ash content could be purified to 50ppm.