Anti-oxidation Graphite Shaft

Anti-oxidation Graphite Shaft

High Density Graphite Shaft and Rotor with Anti-oxidation Coating, Good Performance and Long Service Life


Graphite Shaft and Rotor for Metallurgical Industry

MTE use special graphite to manufacture graphite rotor and shaft that has long service life, good hardness and high density.

Our experienced engineers and high precision CNC equipment enable us to provide high quality graphite products, including graphite smelting crucible, casting crucible, graphite oil groove, graphite pull tube, graphite pull plate, graphite pull mould, graphite rotor, graphite shaft and etc.

Properties of our products:

  1. Good thermal stability: provide special recipe which aim at the sudden heat & cool working condition of graphite crucible and die.
  2. Good corrosion resistance, shock resistance, ensure reliability of our products.
  3. Good resistance to strong acid and alkali.
  4. Good thermal conductivity: could greatly reduce smelting time, save enerty.
  5. Ash of our material is below 300ppm, make sure that precious metal will not be polluted in smelting.
  6. Good lubricity, precious metal will not stick on surface of graphite parts.